Rental Prices

All money exchanged must be in cash.

Smoky Hill Residents

The fee for 4 hours is $50. Every additional 2 hours is $25. A refundable deposit of $250 is also required.


The fee for 4 hours is $250. Every additional 2 hours is $50. A refundable deposit of $350 is also required.


CLUBHOUSE CAPACITY IS 67 PEOPLE. Clubhouse use is granted first to official Metro District business, second to official Homeowners Association business, and finally to all others. Private groups or individuals are granted reservations on a first come, first served basis. There is a one free no show policy. If you don't show up to get keys and checked in for your clubhouse a second time, you will lose clubhouse privileges for the next calendar year. Clubhouse users are required to return their key to the Security Manager within 3 days after their final scheduled date. The Board reserves the right to reschedule groups if the Clubhouse is needed for official business. The Board further reserves the right to refuse Clubhouse usage at any time to any group or individual and may revoke privileges whenever it deems necessary, especially in cases of misuse.

Users are expected to follow the rules of use as posted throughout the property and in the Licensee agreement that they have signed. Please be familiar with the use of the sign-in sheet and the alarm system prior to using the Clubhouse. A fee will be assessed for each incident in which the user fails to follow the policies and procedures outlined in their signed agreement (see fee schedule). Multiple offenses by the same group can lead to loss of use privileges. Thank you for being considerate in your use of the Clubhouse and Parks.

Included Amenities:
• Large meeting room
• Tables and chairs
• Kitchen with full-size refrigerator, stove/oven, and microwave
• Restrooms
• Projector and screen

Note: Pool admittance is not included in the clubhouse rental, and must be arranged separately. To arrange for pool admittance, please contact Lisa Hilton of Elite Equatics at 720-252-5821 or at [email protected].

To reserve the clubhouse:
• Check the calendar to determine if the time you'd like is available.
• Contact Carol Stitt at [email protected] or 303-478-7231 to make your request at least one week in advance.

Note: Even if the calendar shows a date and time as available, it may have been booked prior to the last website calendar update. For informational purpose on the calendar, the swim team is scheduled to use the building Monday through Friday for practices morning and night. The clubhouse is not reserved for their use, so as long as there is nothing else booked the clubhouse is open to rent. On the weekend when the Swim Team is here on Saturdays starting at 6am the clubhouse and pool will be used until 1:30pm and can't be rented until after 2pm. If you have any questions about this at all please call Carol Stitt at 303-478-7231. Please leave a message.

Calendar Clubhouse Agreement

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